Black Label Australia

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Angry Anderson & Black Label

Our good mate Angry often guest fronts Black Label, as he did for a few songs at the Bankstown Custom Motorcycle Show.

Black Label Australia - Aussie rock 'n' roll

Black Label is:
- Laurie "Li'l Lozzie" Marlow - Bass, Backing Vocals
- Geordie Muscat - Drums
- Mick Fryar - Lead, Rhythm, and Slide Guitars
- Mick Arnold - Lead, Rhythm, & Slide Guitars

From the muddy waters of South Western Sydney BLACK LABEL was born. The name is always synonymous with "top shelf", "extra special blends" & that's exactly what you get.

With their pumping selections of tight guitar tunes with plenty of riffs, BLACK LABEL blend awesome high energy performances with master musicianship to create a big smooth sound & slick show. This has lead to a large and loyal fan base at their live shows throughout Australia. Regularly picked to play major Sydney motorcycle shows, Black Label have played hundreds of gigs to literally thousands of fans.

Sponsored by Hard 'n' Fast & Ozbike, Black Label Australia has supported some of Australia's greatest rock acts such as ROSE TATTOO, THE ANGELS, THE RADIATORS, DIESEL, SWANEE & THE SCREAMING JETS.

BLACK LABEL doesn't follow trends either - they do their own thing. So when it came time to record they decided to do a DVD with a CD component. The DVD features an insightful look into the working life of the band and is packed with video clips, interviews with the band and Aussie rock legends Angry Anderson and Pete Wells from Rose Tattoo, as well as producer Peter Blyton. The CD captures the essence of OZ Rock with its flat out and ferocious wall of guitar, solid rhythm section topped off with soaring melodic vocals.

Black Label have also been featured on the Channel 44 TVS shows, "Songwriters Across Australia", Underground Sounds", and in 2013 "Blokesworld HD" on Channel ONE (HD), as well as the ever popular "Rage" on ABC TV.

Influences: DIO, Rose Tattoo, The Angels, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top
Sounds Like: A good night out
Type of Label: Black